5 Types Of Aircon Units

Now that you have decided on the best location for aircon unit installation, and decided on which professional aircon servicing company to call, let us choose the type of aircon unit to buy. With so many options in the market, it is hard to make a choice. Fret not, you have come to the right place.

This article shares about the different types of aircon units, including some advantages and disadvantages of them. Hopefully, when you have finished reading the article, you become more knowledgeable about which aircon unit suits you.

Portable Aircon Unit

In our Best Aircon Units To Buy In Singapore 2021 article, we briefly mentioned portable aircon units. Portable aircon units can also be named aircon units with a self-contained system. This is because it includes all the components needed inside an aircon unit on itself and no extra components are needed for it to work. It works with a condenser coil, which cools the air.

With a portable aircon unit, you can move it from room to room easily, cooling yourself with the aircon unit.

A disadvantage of using this might be the louder and excessive noise that it produces compared to other types of aircon units due to the presence of an evaporator fan inside.

Smart Aircon Unit

Smart aircon units involve the use of the Internet of Things and usually comes in a type of portable, window, or mini-split aircon unit. The aircon unit will be first programmed to connect to Wi-Fi, where you will be able to use the aircon unit with a smart device or phone. Through an application installed in your phone device, you can control the aircon unit to your liking. The application usually consists of various features and programs that allow you to change the aircon unit to your liking with just a touch of your finger. Some of these features include changing of temperature, scheduling a timer, and also personal preferences.

Some advantages include saving energy with this and also making it convenient to operate the aircon unit. Check out some of the smart aircon units available in the market here.

On the other hand, it can be more expensive than normal aircon units and Wi-Fi is needed to access the features on the phone.

Window Aircon Unit

With a window aircon unit, warm air is exhausted through an exhaust pipe and cold air is being sent back to the room. Similar to the name, it is usually installed on a window or through a hole in the wall.

Installment of window aircon unit can be suitable for different places, as it is available in various sizes from small to big. If you are deciding on the best aircon unit for your office, check out this article. This is a very popular type of aircon unit as it is affordable and serves the purpose of cooling a room.

However, a downside to this might be water droplets dripping due to condensation and the filter has to be cleaned regularly for full efficiency. Click here to learn more about aircon unit cleaning.

Central Aircon Unit

A central aircon unit is used in small commercial buildings or large homes. It operates by regulating air through ducts with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of a compressor and condenser, while the indoor unit consists of coils and an air handler.

It is the most useful way for cooling commercial areas due to its ability to cool all the rooms connected to ducts.

However, it might be very costly as it consumes a lot of electricity and might have decreased efficiency when an aircon issue happens in the ducts. Saving money on aircon unit electricity bill in Singapore? Read here to learn more! Central aircon units might be hard to install too as it requires a team from a professional aircon servicing company. If you are looking for a professional aircon servicing company, check us out here.

Ductless Split System Aircon Unit

You might be the most familiar with the aircon unit as it is used everywhere in homes. It has a unique way of cooling where you can set different cooling temperatures for different rooms. This is due to the aircon units being equipped with their own unique thermostat, which allows changing of temperatures with remote control.

A ductless split system aircon unit can also be easily installed without a lot of work. Press the link here for 3 easy steps in aircon unit installation.

However, it might be very expensive to install compared to central aircon unit cooling systems.

Now that you have chosen the type of aircon units to purchase, we’re here to help you with the installation of your aircon unit.

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