8 Incredible Tips On How To Check Aircon Unit Gas Leak

Today, air conditioning has become an important necessity in the day to day life of many. Therefore, managing and maintaining the air conditioning system should be a top priority to ensure that your investment do not go to waste. A problem of gas leaking in the air condition unit is not something to ignore. It would be great if you were in a position to check aircon gas leak yourself and pinpoint it for better maintenance.

Here are 8 incredible tips on how you can air condition gas leaking

1. Learn some common causes to check aircon gas leak

It can be easy to correctly check gas leaking from your air conditioner, if you are knowledgeable with the common causes of the problem. Here are several common causes:

A major cause of gas leaking in air conditioners is the rubbing together of the refrigerant lines as a result of vibrations.

Gas leak can also be as a result of damaged coil. Tis can occur when trying to eliminate excess ice from the cooling oil. To mitigate this, always allow only experienced technicians perform the task.

Corrosion of the evaporating coil or condensing coil is yet another major cause of air conditioning gas leak.

2. Learn some common places where Leaks often occur

It can be easier to locate a gas leak from an air conditioning if you know where to locate the problem. Some common locations where leaks often occur include:

• The handler unit
• In the condensing coil
• In the refrigerant lines
• Control valves if poorly connected
• Fittings if poorly soldered

3. Use a leak detector

If you cannot physically locate the leak through your senses, a detector can help. The detector is a device with a sensor, switch, batteries, and sensitivity controls. It also contains a sniffer that pulls air to be analyzed for any traces of refrigerants. You can purchase this device from your store and the gas leak with ease.

4. Listen to Whistling sounds

Gas leaks produces whistling sounds and strange noises in the thermostatic expansion valve and other parts which you can hear with your ears. However, if you hear any sound, it can be an indication of very low level of the refrigerant. Whatever the case, you can apply other tips to confirm and trace the leak.

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5. Search for Strains

In case of a constant gas leak, strains can appear on the refrigerant piping including the controls. This is an indication that the gas is leaking from the location of the strains. It is good to note that strains and other effects of gas leak can be easily detected if the leaks are on the upper section of the piping system. However, more effort is required to identify same effects if the leak is coming from the lower side. This can also be affected by the type of air conditioning unit you have installed. It is always good to consider repair and maintenance options when deciding on the type of unit to install.

6. Call a Professional

If you experience a drop in the refrigerant output, there could be a possible leak. The best thing to do when you can’t tell it yourself is to call an expert who can do the checking for you. Most leaks start small but with time cause a significant decline in the unit’s performance.

7. Apply the Bubble Method

This is one of the oldest ways to check a gas leak in an air conditioning unit. It involves the application of a soap solution to areas you suspect could be having a leak and observe the production of bubbles. This works by the fact that any escaping refrigerant produces bubbles and is more effective.

8. Add a Fluorescent Dye to The Refrigeration System

This involves mixing a fluorescent dye with the lubricant and allowing it to circulate throughout the air conditioner. In case of any leak, the dye comes out at the point of leak with a bright-yellow-green color. This helps you to pinpoint the leaks position.

Some of other ways you can check air conditioning gas leaking include use of heated diode detector and keen observation of air conditioner leak symptoms. The symptoms of an air conditioner refrigerant leak include long cooling time, warm air coming out of air registers and frozen evaporator coils.

Finally, checking an air conditioning gas leak is a vital step towards preventing all sorts of performance and efficiency problems to your air conditioner. It is important to know possible areas where the leak can occur and also learn some common causes of the leak as it can help you diagnose the leak before more damage is done. 338aircon at 338aircon.sg/promo offers some incredibly subsided prices for gas leak services.