8 Pros And Cons Of Turning On Your Aircon Unit On Bad Weather Conditions

Turning on your aircon unit on a bad weather day will feel like heaven. Well, that is only half the story.  Unfortunately, you are now contributing to global warming. Turning on the aircon unit not only leaves your home hot and cold but also contributes to carbon emissions.

For example, Singapore’s carbon dioxide emission in 2014 was estimated to be approximately 50 million tonnes, of which most came from the transport sector. This is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emission of about seven million cars driven for an entire year.

So, if you are still considering turning on your aircon unit on a bad weather day, here are some things that you should know:

Pros of turning ON your aircon unit on bad weather conditions:

1) Aircon unit uses help to create better indoor air quality

We all know that when the weather gets warmer, Singaporeans become more lethargic and tired from the heat. We feel even worse in humid climates, where it becomes difficult to breathe in the air around us. And when we have a good sleep in a nice environment,  it allows us to be more productive throughout the day.

2) Aircon unit uses are not just for you but your family members as well.

We all have kids, parents, or even grandparents living with us in our homes, and during a hot season, it’s normal that they are gonna get sick from the hot weather, especially young children who need to stay indoors. With aircon units, it is able to reduce the “heat index” and prevent them from getting sick.

3) Aircon unit uses less energy than cooling with a portable fan.

If you live in Singapore where there’s no wind and not enough water supply, the aircon unit has been one of the most effective cooling solutions, especially during the summer season. There are even people who use aircon units 24/7 to reduce the heat index of their homes, which might be a bit too extreme. But if you have an aircon unit at home, it is definitely more energy efficient than using a portable fan where they look ugly and noisy!

4) Aircon unit repairs are expensive.

Yes, it may be a huge initial cost to get an aircon unit at home. But it’s worth your money when you think about the long-term benefits that are bringing, where you are not gonna spend money for repairs or maintenance. Getting an aircon unit is always gonna be cheaper than getting any other cooling alternatives installed in your house.

5) Aircon unit saves you money.

There are many people who think that having an aircon unit at home is an additional cost on their wallets since it needs to be turned on during hot weather. But this couldn’t be any more wrong since the benefits of using an aircon unit all year round are more than just keeping your home’s temperature regulated. With the savings in electricity bills, you are able to recover your initial investment in just a few months!

6) Aircon unit use can make save you time.

This is the best benefit out of all when it comes to using an aircon unit at home. After having one installed in our homes, we don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature of our rooms, or even worse, getting hot and tired from walking around someone else’s home. You can just relax at your own comfort with the aircon unit being installed.

7) Aircon unit use may help to reduce the risk of fire.

If you ever walked into a home without an aircon unit, you would notice that there are a lot more people gathered in one place, which brings a higher risk of fire breaking out from electrical appliances and human error. With an aircon unit installed at all times, it is able to get rid of the “heat index” in your homes, which reduces the risk of fire breaking out.

8) Did you know aircon unit also reduces the risk of heart attacks?

This is especially true for people who have to stay outdoors on a hot sunny day or walk around during horrible humid weather. With an aircon unit installed in your home, it allows you to stay indoors and prevent you from getting a heart attack.

Cons of turning ON your aircon unit on a bad weather condition:

1) Your electricity bill may be higher due to the “cycle on ”times of your aircon unit.

It’s also possible that excessive heat will build up inside the building if you haven’t used the aircon unit during very hot periods or have not used it at all. You could consider paying extra money for additional insulation in your roof space during hot summer months as well as adding sealant around windows and doors before summer hits to ensure warmth doesn’t seep through spaces where cold air can come back indoors from falling rain.  The compressor in your chiller is mechanically recycled refrigerant over and over again, turning it into heat every time it does this, which means your aircon unit is running harder, expending more energy units to keep you cool, hence costs more money. 

2) It’s not so much an issue with dampers being stuck open or closed.

But rather improperly sealed windows allow warm outdoor air to enter inside because of high humidity or cold air coming indoors if it’s raining outside.

3) Small particles of dust & dirt.

They can be pulled through filters at a faster rate resulting in poor indoor air quality being spread throughout the house.

4) It’s not uncommon for cold air to escape from open windows.

This is especially true for wooden ones which are intended to be closed during periods of high humidity or extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, cold snaps & heat waves e.t.c

5) There may be insufficient insulation.

In your home, if you do not close your dampers when it gets really hot outside this will cause unwanted heat to enter the building through walls ceilings, and roof spaces resulting in increased running costs, raising your monthly electricity bill.

Note: Having insulation on your ceiling means that heat rises up to the top of your roof space or into your attic space, if you don’t have insulated roofing, this is where cold air enters which could make its way back inside through small cracks around windows & doors.

6) If you leave your aircon unit on whilst you go away for a few days, this can lead to an accumulation of mold & mildew.

If the humidity is extremely high. Also, insects may start to breed inside your chiller which can pose health problems both inside and outside your home. It’s also possible that excessive heat will build up inside the building if you haven’t used the aircon unit during very hot periods or have not used it at all.

Note: People who suffer from health problems should try turning off their aircon units during hot humid days as it is proven that heating units can help spread infection quickly. Turn them on later at night once the sun has gone down and all the moisture has dispersed.

7) If you plan on using an aircon unit during the rainy season it’s best not to use heating units at the same time.

This will cause moisture build-up on indoor surfaces such as walls, ceilings which can lead to mold growth, it’s good practice to keep your heating at a reasonable temperature of 18 degrees Celsius which will prevent excessive humidity from forming inside your home resulting in health issues especially for children who are more sensitive to changes in temperatures.

8) If your windows are fitted with wooden frames.

The humid air outside can cause wood to expand resulting in increased dampness inside your home causing walls & ceilings to look and feel wet. It’s best to keep your windows closed during heavy rain or high humidity days.

Precautions to take

1) If you have a generator.

Don’t forget to keep it well-ventilated and away from your aircon unit. Carbon monoxide can seep into your home, causing sickness and even death. Keep carbon monoxide detectors on the same circuit as the generator so they’ll be powered by electricity from the generator when there is no power in your area.

2) Check with your local municipality.

If outages are common during bad weather conditions such as tropical storms and hurricanes or seasonal typhoons and heavy rains.

3) Turn off all electrical devices.

Before a storm hits to prevent them from getting wet. Unplug all appliances and chargeable devices like mobile phones.

4) Remove your aircon unit’s front grill.

This is important so that it doesn’t get damaged by the floodwaters when they surge into your house. You can then use it for alternative power sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines after weather conditions normalize. 

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