Aircon Unit Pressure Test

What is an Aircon Pressure Test? 

The aircon pressure test is a useful process carried out to identify the leakage spot of the system. It is not a maintenance or repair service but is vital when it comes to figuring out the leakage point. This procedure is basic to define the scope of repair services, so entire the defaults can be rectified.

Aircon pressure test involves pumping nitrogen gas into the gas pipe, fan coil, and condenser Unit. The purpose is to find out which part of the system is leaking gas. Once the aircon issue has been identified, the work will rectify the fault. It is the fundamental process to define the scope of repair services.

When to perform an Aircon Pressure Test?


When the aircon unit does not provide cold air, there are several aircon issues that may cause an entire aircon unit to fail. The most common aircon issues are air filter clogging, dirty condenser coils, a broken compressor, a defective thermostat, blocked condenser, or leaked refrigerant.

The depleted refrigerant gas is the most common aircon issue and it can be detected by the pressure test. This process is not a repair service but to determine the precise point of a gas leak.

Why is an Aircon Pressure Test important?

Refrigerants gas leaks due to damage or corrosion, and sensors of pressure disable the compressor when the refrigerant pressure is not enough. So, when your room space is not cool enough even when the aircon unit is running, the test might be vital. It plays a key part to identify the defaults to be rectified. A few of these defaults include:

– The indoor fan coil is very dirty, which results in the weal dissipation of the cold air.

– Outdoor condensers might also be dirty. This causes inadequate construction of the cooling refrigerant.

The air conditioner that’s installed might be undersized.

– Another aircon issue in the aircon unit might be existent, resulting in a non-continuous process of the aircon unit. This issue is identified when the check is accomplished.

How to perform an Aircon Pressure Test?

a) Firstly, induce extreme pressure into your refrigerant piping, condenser, and fan coil to figure out the right spot of the gas leak. Record the pressure of the gas at each step, and situate the spot of the leakage if find the refrigerant leakage.

b) If you find the point at piping, it means small repair works are required since the location is accessible. You might seal it if you deem fit, you are recommended to change the affected point. If a replacement is essential, exclude the piping. Ensure you purge, flush, and vacuum the full aircon unit in the quest to empty the excess air in the aircon unit.

c) In a few situations, the leakage spot can be found in areas that might not be simple to access, sometimes it’s beyond repair due to huge wear and tear. This presents a huge aircon issue, as several parts of the system might need rapid replacement. The test can also help to find if the tools are extremely old.

Usually, if you find that the spots affected are inaccessible and difficult to repair defaults, you might opt for an efficient and financial solution to this aircon issue. These solutions cover the following:

Handle the replacement utilizing new tools only.

– Perform main replacement and include the latest piping works

– Change the full system that means you perform a new aircon unit installation.


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