Aircon Unit Repair And Its Types

What is aircon repair? 

An aircon repair service ensures your aircon unit is trouble-free and working properly. Aircon unit repair service helps in dealing with problems like water leakage from the aircon unit. It also allows you to check as to why your aircon unit makes noise and much more. An aircon unit service helps in identifying various aircon issues and ensuring that all parts of your aircon unit are functioning properly. Having a regular aircon unit service is the best way to optimize your aircon unit.

During an aircon unit service, an overall inspection is done after all the other service is done. Major components like the fan motor, condenser unit, compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat, and many others are inspected for any faults.

Why is aircon repair important? 

All leading aircon brands recommend seasonal cleaning and periodic maintenance to remove impurities. Regular aircon servicing can boost its performance and reduce electricity bills. While an aircon unit that has poor maintenance may consume more power to deliver cool air or may not provide effective cooling due to reasons such as gas leakage.

What are the signs that you need an aircon repair? 

1) Your aircon unit blows warm air

When you feel warm air blowing out of your home’s vents, check the thermostat. Make sure it’s switched to cooling mode and set it lower than your home’s current temperature. If your vents still blow warm air, restricted airflow or a compressor issue may be to blame.

2) There is insufficient airflow

Poor airflow is a common sign that your aircon unit isn’t working efficiently or that a blockage is preventing air from moving through your home’s ductwork. A clogged air filter, a broken motor, or something even more serious aircon issue may be to blame.

If insufficient airflow is a common aircon issue in your home, a professional aircon servicing company recommends investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. It can give your aircon unit a boost by exchanging stale air with fresh air every time your aircon unit cycles. Your aircon unit may also benefit from zoning systems. They can ensure that you’re getting the right airflow and cooling power where you need it most.

3) Frequent cycles

Your aircon unit should go through relatively routine cooling cycles, no matter the weather. While you can expect your aircon unit to turn on more frequently on the hottest days of summer, it shouldn’t cycle on and off constantly. If you notice frequent cycles, contact a professional aircon servicing company. A quick aircon unit tune-up may resolve frequent cycling. But it may also signal that you need a new aircon unit.

4) High temperature

During hot summer days, you can expect sticky weather outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you want to experience high humidity indoors. Your aircon unit should switch to moderate humidity levels automatically.

If your aircon unit can’t keep moisture levels within a comfortable range, you need an aircon unit repair. We’ll diagnose the issue quickly and let you know whether your aircon unit needs a simple re-calibration or if you should consider a whole-house dehumidifier instead.

5) There are water leaks

Your aircon unit relies on refrigerant to cool your home and may produce condensation as it operates. Neither of these liquids should accumulate or leak into your home, though.

Pooled water or an active leak around your aircon unit is an important sign that your cooling system isn’t running properly. Immediately call a professional aircon servicing company as leaks can quickly damage your home and may even lead to serious structural issues.

6) Bad odor is coming out of your aircon unit

If you smell unpleasant odors and suspect that they’re coming from your aircon unit, you’ll want to deal with the issue before it becomes smellier. Fortunately, a quick diagnostic visit will tell us whether your aircon unit needs a tune-up and a complete cleaning session or if your cooling system needs a more high-tech solution.

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps can work wonders to eliminate persistent microbial growth in your aircon unit. Duct cleaning can also address odor issues that have accumulated in the ductwork.

7) Unusual noises

Most aircon units make low-level noise as they start-up and shut down. But loud, sudden or unusual noises can signal a major aircon issue with your aircon unit

Rattling or buzzing noises can indicate a loose part while whistling or grinding noises can signal something more serious. This type of issue won’t typically go away on its own, so a professional tune-up is essential. 

Here are the 3 Common Types of Aircon Repairs:

1) Compressor Issue Repair

The compressor in your aircon unit is tasked with pressurizing the refrigerant so that heat can be released. It has its own motor and a fair amount of electrical wiring. It is a component that works very hard, so different problems can develop, such as motor issues and electrical issues. The compressor is a complex device, and because refrigerant runs through it, only a professional aircon servicing company should handle it.

2) Fan Problems Repair 

Your aircon unit has two types of fans: the evaporator fan, known as the blower, and the condenser fan, which resides in the outdoor unit. The condenser fan helps remove the heat from your system while the indoor blower pushes the cool air into your ductwork. Common aircon issues that can develop with fans are issues with the belts, motor problems, and loose or bent blades.

3) Leaking Refrigerant Repair

Refrigerant leaks are common in aircon units, but finding them is a challenge, which is why you need a professional aircon servicing company to handle a refrigerant leak. Leaky refrigerant lowers the level of refrigerant in your entire aircon unit, which can lead to numerous aircon issues.


It’s always a good time to talk about the common issues that aircon units have. This way, you’ll be able to spot if there are problems with your unit or not and prepare for its replacement accordingly. If you require our aircon servicing services, Whatsapp us at +65 9222 4141 for a fast and transparent quote.

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