Aircon Unit Cool Mode: Facts And Functions

Which mode in an aircon unit gives best cooling?

It is the Cool Mode. The aircon unit cool mode works best when used during hot summer days. Since the feature ensures that the room temperature drops at a much faster rate, immediate comfort is then provided to occupants. 

When should an aircon unit Cool Mode be used? 

The cool mode should be used during hot and dry seasons. While the aircon unit “dry mode” is more appropriate for humid seasons that aren’t necessarily hot and warm in temperature. Utilizing dry mode more often is also better for the environment.

The cool mode is only ideal when you need your aircon unit to cool significantly, as leaving this on the entire time won’t really guarantee the cold temperature to be maintained. That’s why a professional aircon servicing company recommends turning on the aircon unit fan mode first for about 15 to 30 minutes before switching to this mode.

Pro 338 Reminder: Remember, keeping it on the entire duration can cause you sky-high electricity bills since it uses the most power consumption compared to other modes in aircon units.

So if you want to avoid overworking your aircon unit and paying double the amount of your bill, consider turning the feature off after your room reaches the desired temperature. Additionally, experts also recommend keeping your aircon unit’s temperature at 25°C.

How does the Cool Mode in an aircon unit work?

The aircon unit cool mode works by starting the aircon unit at the temperature level of 16-18°C. Since it consumes more electricity by powering up the aircon unit at this temperature level, the aircon unit also works overtime in order to quickly cool a room in no time. In short, this feature is not for the power and energy-saving mode users out there.

Pro 338 Reminder: Like with any aircon unit type and brand, the cool mode is widely considered as the default mode for any aircon unit. Since its main function is to bring in significant cooling and convert it into the cold air, it’s heavily reliant on the aircon unit’s compressor.

What happens when you switch your aircon unit to Cool Mode?

‍When you turn the aircon unit cool mode on, you would usually only need to set the desired room temperature that you want to achieve and the level of the aircon unit’s fan speed. Once this temperature is reached by the aircon unit, the compressor automatically stops and the fan remains working to keep the air regulated in the room. It works like magic. 

What are the benefits of using the aircon unit Cool Mode?

It helps cool the room faster and provides instant comfort – Since this is the main function of the aircon unit cool mode, it comes as no surprise that this is the number-one benefit that aircon unit owners can expect from it.

It provides additional cool and full speed air – In order to give the room the cool air that it needs for its temperature to drop, the cool mode also enables the aircon unit to pump out full speed air that can help in expediting the whole process. Additionally, this can give aircon unit users additional comfort while waiting for the mode to complete its function.

It can quickly cool a room with a warm temperature – By maximizing the cooling effect that the aircon unit provides, the cool mode allows the aircon unit to offset all the warm temperature inside a room in exchange for a cooler one, all while doing it faster than other aircon unit modes.

It increases productivity and promotes better sleep – Imagine having to work on your tasks at the office under extreme heat or trying to sleep with sweat trickling down your body every minute. Unbearable, right? By using the cool mode, you can speed up the process of having to withstand extreme heat. Additionally, you can leave the mode on every night to help you get more chances of sleeping soundly with no interruption.

What are the ways to keep your aircon unit blowing cooler air?

Spray down the aircon unit:

Take a few minutes every other week to spray down the condenser unit.  Due to the buildup of dust and grime, your aircon unit may not be working at optimum performance. Before spraying down the aircon unit, make sure to flip the breaker in order to avoid any possibility of creating a short in the aircon unit. However, it is always safer to call for a professional aircon servicing company when performing this. Once the aircon unit has been sprayed off, give the dampness a few minutes to evaporate and then flip the switch back into the “on” position.

Change your filters: 

You might ask how you can make your aircon unit colder without spending a lot, one simple but highly effective way is replacing air filters when they get dirty. A professional aircon servicing company recommends inspecting them monthly and replacing them when they look dirty. This will reduce strain on your aircon unit since a dirty air filter will make your aircon unit work harder and require more energy.

Utilize the use of a fan: 

Even a professional aircon servicing company would recommend installing ceiling fans in every room, adding spot ventilation over the stove and in bathrooms, and installing an attic fan can help remove the heat from indoors and help circulate air. Ceiling fans work well to make the room feel three or 4°C cooler and allow you to raise the thermostat by that amount without losing comfort.


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