Best Aircon Unit For Office: 5 Great Ideas

Working during the hot summer months can be a pain. You still need to get things done, but the heat can be overwhelming and will make it hard to concentrate and get things done. Finding the best aircon unit for the office is a great way to keep your area cool and help you concentrate on your work, rather than on the intense heat around you. Sone of the things to consider when picking out the best aircon unit for office for your business includes:

Best aircon for office Idea 1: A Packaged Aircon Unit

This is one of the most common types of aircon units that you can add to your office. There are many available on the market and they have the power necessary to help you cool down any size of office you need help with. Many experts will recommend these options for all offices with a large space or a lot of rooms. You can even use these in some industrial spaces as well. You can easily add these to the roof or a wall easily and enjoy all the cool air no matter what the temperature is outside.

Best aircon for office Idea 2: A Split Aircon Unit

Another option that you can use is known as a split aircon unit. This is going to be an aircon unit that will be split into two parts. This includes the indoor unit that you can see from the office and the outdoor condenser. The aircon unit will not work well unless you are able to combine these two parts and have them running at the same time.

When this aircon unit is on, the outdoor condenser is responsible for generating some air with the use of a fan. Then, this same condenser will take all of that air and direct it over to the indoor unit. There are a lot of offices that like the way this kind of aircon unit works because it is really easy to install. They can do it by themselves or work with a professional aircon servicing company to help them get the split aircon units up and running.

Best aircon for office Idea 3: A Cassette Aircon Unit

The next option you may want to consider for your office aircon unit is a cassette-type aircon unit. If you are limited on how much space is available on your roof, then this is a good option. It is powerful and small, cooling from the top to the bottom in your office. It is also highly-efficient with a lot of options to choose from and an easy installation process.

Best aircon for office Idea 4: A Ducted Aircon Unit

Next on the list is a ducted aircon unit. You can install one of these and find that it works well no matter what type of office space you have to work with. When you use one of the ducted units, you can have complete control over the temperature in your office in no time. This is also an indoor unit that is found on the ceiling or under the floor. There is often some flexible ducting that helps send the air through more than one vent in the building. You will most likely need to work with a professional aircon servicing company to get this kind of aircon unit up and running but it is very efficient.

Best aircon for office Idea 5: A Refrigerated Aircon Unit

The final type of aircon unit you may want to consider for your office is the refrigerated aircon unit. This is able to effectively cool down the office and is one of the most common options that is chosen. It will work the best when the temperature gets really warm so you never have to worry about the office being stifling hot.

Many business owners like to pick this kind of aircon unit to add in. It helps them to not only cool down the area where they and other employees work, but it helps to reduce the amount of humidity that is inside the office spaces. This is the most recommended type of aircon unit for any office in Singapore and many professional aircon servicing companies can help you get it installed.

Regular maintenance of your aircon unit is the best way to keep it running strong, even when you are looking for the best aircon unit for the office in your building. Whether you are looking to maintain your aircon unit or you would like to purchase a new aircon unit, contact us at 338aircon and for special prices.