Reasons Why Your Aircon Unit Smells

Do you ever wonder why all of a sudden, the air that you breathe in the morning smells totally different? It’s not fresh and clean and it’s also making you sneeze. And as time goes by, the smell just gets awful but you don’t know where it’s coming from. Well, maybe, just maybe, your aircon unit is the culprit. Let’s take a look at some reasons why your aircon unit smells: 

1) There are fungi

The most common cause of a musty smell from an aircon unit is the presence of fungi or molds which thrive in damp, moist conditions. 

2) Moulds in the coils

As your aircon unit is installed, the coils are covered in dust which settles over time. This debris can cause corrosion and exacerbate the development of molds. Ensure your aircon unit is professionally cleaned at least once a year to avoid this issue.

3) The cleaning products

A sure way to give your aircon unit musty odors is by using poor quality or incorrect cleaning products that do not remove debris quickly enough or don’t kill bacteria properly when cleaning the coils. 

4) Cobwebs can harm an aircon unit

If fungi aren’t present, black spots may be visible around the exhaust vents of an aircon unit. These dots are actually cobwebs that form in moist conditions where dust settles and collects on the exterior of the aircon unit. To avoid these black spots, ensure you clean your aircon unit regularly to remove all dust buildup.

5) Damage on various parts of your aircon unit

A musty smell from an aircon unit may also be caused by old wounds or damage incurring molds or bacteria which form spores in vents or seams within the aircon unit itself. If you have had any repairs conducted on your aircon unit recently it’s advisable to have a professional check for possible causes of odors before they become an issue that requires more costly attention later.

Here are other reasons why your aircon unit smells: 

a) It’s dirty

If you don’t clean your aircon unit regularly, dust and grime will collect inside the blower compartment and it will begin to smell like garbage. Before anyone complains about you stinking up their office, just get a vacuum cleaner with an extendable nozzle to suck out the trash stuck in the ventilator of your aircon unit

b) Leaking water tank

This is common with aircon units that are not installed properly, preventing any excess water from draining back into its water tank. You might also notice that there’s a damp spot on your ceiling if it’s leaking above the unit instead of directly into its reservoir. If this is what happened to your aircon unit, don’t waste time trying to figure out what the problem is and bring it to a professional instead for a fast and reliable solution.

c) Your unit needs maintenance/servicing

Getting too lazy to clean your aircon unit, forgetting to change its thermostat, or replacing its filter will eventually result in its parts getting worn out easily. If this is the case, then it’s time to have your aircon unit checked by a professional aircon servicing company, or else you’ll be spending more money for its repairs later on.

Of course, there are many other odor-emitting possibilities with regards to faulty or faulty equipment. But it is important to contact a professional aircon servicing company if you are unsure of the source of your odor issues.


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