The Most Reliable Aircon Unit Brands And Their Top Features

Having an aircon unit is not a luxury anymore, since the scorching summer and humidity can make anyone super crazy. Singapore is known for the summer heat, which can mercilessly sweat you out. So,a good quality aircon unit is the best possible way to beat the annoying summer. The market is now filled with plenty of options when it comes to aircon units. But what makes an aircon unit reliable and a good buy?  Here are accordingly the best brands of aircon units along with their corresponding features which will work perfectly for your home as well as an office:

Daikin Aircon Unit 

The brand Daikin is known for its impeccable quality. Their aircon units are perfect for comfortable cooling, be it at home or office. Daikin aircon units have the best models with superior intelligence to keep your space cool, especially during hot summer days. 

Top Features of Daikin Aircon Unit:

1) Minimal installation time and cost 

Pro 338 Reminder: Minimal installation time does not mean that you can just DIY the installation process of an aircon unit. It may be cheap but the consequences of it might cost you a lot. Always call for a professional aircon servicing company in order to perform the right and proper way of aircon unit installation at home or in offices.

2) 100 % quality cooling throughout the room

3) It comes with volt free switches

4) Durable and corrosion-resistant outdoor unit coating

5) Smart heat exchanger outdoor unit.

Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Unit

The name is synonymous with high-quality aircon units. It is a brand that has been in the electronic market since 1967 and is a perfect choice for home cooling. Be it a wall-mounted split system or a ceiling-mounted, Mitsubishi Electric aircon unit system is a credible option. The aircon unit provides both consistent heating and cooling. 

Top Features of Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Unit:

1) Sleek and stylish design

2) Consistent airflow 

Pro 338 Reminder: Consistent airflow is also achievable when you perform a regular maintenance check and service for your aircon unit. A professional aircon servicing company recommends having your aircon unit checked at least every 3 months to make sure that it is giving you its optimum cooling performance. 

3) Improved performance with less energy consumption 

4) Durable and extended life

5) Excellent heating and cooling option

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Are you looking for an energy-efficient and technologically driven product? Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the best choice. The performance is powerful, and the aircon units come with an R32 refrigerant to increase energy efficiency. Innovative aircon unit systems can be operated using smartphones and tablets.

Top Features of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries:

1) It can be operated via Wi-Fi connectivity

2) Sleek and aesthetic design

3) 5 years warranty

4) Noise-free operation

Pro 338 Reminder: Immediately call for a professional aircon servicing company whenever you hear weird and unusual noises from your aircon unit. These weird noises could cause an aircon unit malfunction and could lead to more serious aircon issues if not addressed right away. 

5) Allergen free filters

Panasonic Aircon Unit

The brand Panasonic is a global brand and is known for its impeccable quality for the past 60 years. The innovative products offer perfect aircon unit solutions to offices, homes, industrial spaces, hotels, etc. 

Top features of Panasonic Aircon Unit:

1) Auto air swing which ensures complete cooling

2) Efficient energy star rating 

3) It can be operated via remote and comes with a programmable timer

4) Durable filter for quality airflow. 

Pro 338 Reminder: There are types of durable air filters that will also suit you and your family’s needs. A professional aircon servicing company recommends changing your air filters about every 90 days if you have no allergies, but typically, it is recommended every 45 days for maximum efficiency. Be sure to replace them with the right size and type of air filter. 

5) Enhanced cooling

While checking out the best brands for aircon units, also make sure to opt for the best professional aircon servicing company. They are sure to give you only the best advice that they can, especially when it comes to your cooling needs. 


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