Wall-Mounted Or Cassette Aircon Unit: The Pros and Cons

In the past, they say having an aircon unit especially at home could be seen as a status symbol. But nowadays, it is already a necessity as it can help you in so many ways. Not just in alleviating the warm weather but it also has good benefits for your health. However, as technology is getting better, most of the aircon units in the market have also evolved and totally got better with time. Let’s take a look at the differences between a wall-mounted and a cassette type aircon unit and how to choose properly: 

Wall Mounted Aircon Unit:


1) They are cheaper 

They are cheaper than their ceiling counterparts. Let’s admit it, we would usually opt to buy an aircon unit that’s also budget-friendly. Therefore, you need to choose and plan ahead of time in order for you to save time and money when buying an aircon unit. Researching or doing some canvass will definitely help you if you’re on a tight budget.

2) Usually come in smaller sizes

This means they can be used even in cramped living spaces. When you’re living alone or even starting a family, a wall-mounted aircon unit would be the perfect choice since it isn’t at all a space-eater! They are often stylish and you don’t need to worry about where and how to position them since they are technically designed in a convenient manner. 

3) Can be installed easily 

Yes, it is! But that doesn’t mean you won’t be needing the help of a professional aircon servicing company. It is always best to call for a professional aircon servicing company when it comes to installing a new aircon unit. They know better and they can as well educate you on the Dos and Don’ts of your newly purchased aircon unit

4) Come with their own ventilation systems which makes installation easier 

The main purpose of an aircon unit is to maintain a good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and as well as to provide thermal comfort. Not to mention, an aircon unit can also affect other high-performance goals such as water consumption and acoustics. It is no wonder why most homeowners have opted for this type of aircon unit

5) Provides more flexibility and portability 

The introduction of ductless wall-mounted split aircon units has brought convenience to everyone who owns this type. As it can save space, it even has a low noise level and it is also individually designed to make sure that everyone in the family will be comfortable no matter which area they stay in. Not to mention, you can as well control them with your smartphone.


1) Difficult to clean 

Cleaning and making sure that your aircon unit will be at its finest performance will definitely require you to call a professional aircon servicing company since there may be parts that will not allow you to reach them just by your bare hands. Besides, maintenance checks are also a must for these kinds of equipment. 

2) Requires high level of headroom 

It is recommended that these types of aircon units must be installed at 7-8 feet in order for the aircon unit to perform well and reach its maximum cooling performance. If you are fixing the aircon unit very close to the wall or in an airtight room it will trip due to high head pressure, as heat dissipation can’t happen.  

3) Less efficient than its ceiling counterpart

Since wall-mounted aircon units usually come in smaller sizes, then they have a tendency to cool in a lesser manner as well. It is also important to note that these types of aircon units will depend on their BTU or British Thermal Unit as they will measure how much energy your aircon uses to remove heat from your home within an hour. So it is important to do your own research before buying a new aircon unit.

4) Does not offer good cross-ventilation function

Cross-ventilation function or wind effect ventilation is a natural method of cooling. Successful wind ventilation is determined by having high thermal comfort and adequate fresh air for the ventilated spaces while having little or no energy use for active cooling and ventilation. This is one of the most important aspects to improve the indoor environmental quality of your aircon unit and you won’t be able to achieve it if you only have limited space for your aircon unit

5) Limited blower speed and airflow function

This is exactly why you need to read on important facts about an aircon unit that you need to purchase. An aircon unit has its different BTUs and various classifications so you definitely need to know the basics in order for you to avoid regrets and complaints in the long run since a wall-mounted aircon unit is totally good for cramped spaces and might just upset your huge living space at home.

Cassette Type Aircon:


1) Compared to conventional aircon, cassette type aircon is cheaper


It cost 25%-30% less than a conventional split aircon unit. This is because of its simple design and lack of need for installation works/labor hours in comparison with the conventional system.

2) It has lower electricity consumption 

This is compared to other types of aircon units due to its energy-efficient feature and is 100-130W per hour only. It also means that you totally save some money and use it for other important matters at home.

3) Lower noise level 

Typically below 40 decibels when cooling or heating air. This is much quieter when compared to window-type aircon units at around 60-70 decibels while cooling or heating the air inside rooms. Besides that, it can be mounted outside windows via built-in wall brackets where they are less noticeable from within the rooms.

4) Environmentally friendly

This is all because of its energy-efficient feature of 100-130 watts per hour only which is less power consumption than conventional aircon systems. Moreover, cassette-type aircon unit does not release carbon dioxide gas, unlike window type aircon units.

5) It is equipped with modern digital control board

This is indeed a better way to provide ease of access for frequency tuning, fan speed setting, and temperature adjustment. The range of the board is from 3 degrees Celsius – 43 degrees Celsius in cooling mode or 24-43 degrees Celsius in heating mode. In addition, wireless remote controller to set timer or change modes remotely via wireless operation buttons. This makes cassette-type aircon units more compatible with smart homes these days which requires digital control over different systems installed within household premises.


1) Noise level 

The noise level is still relatively high at around 60-70 decibels from inside rooms. Thus, cassette-type aircon units can never be a full substitute for window-type aircon units which have lower noise levels of around 40dB.

2) Low cooling/heating performance 

When compared to split systems a cassette-type aircon unit is low in cooling performance due mainly to its small number of cooling/heating plates that are only made from simple plastic materials and not aluminum as seen in many conventional split aircon units.

3) It requires electricity

This is in order to power up the compressor unit mounted on the top part of the cassette for compression & expansion purposes. So, it does affect household power consumption or bills during usage. 

4) Installation cost is higher 

Compared to conventional split aircon units due mainly to more components that are required during installation such as wall/roof brackets, piping, etc. Also, the cassette-type aircon unit cannot be installed at any position as it requires to be mounted outside windows via built-in brackets due to its fragile nature without being able to withstand wind load pressures from within rooms. Therefore, there is a risk of falling off especially on windy days if improperly installed or not well supported by strong structures e.g. concrete walls/brick walls which is a big disadvantage compared to a split-type aircon unit.

5) Water leakage 

It might take place due to a loose connection between pipings or other components that do not match up perfectly hence requiring a professional aircon servicing company for further attention every now and then. This is disadvantageous when compared to split systems where water leakage cannot occur due to its closed-circuit design. The risk of leakage is minimal within split system types, for example, in less than 1% cases whereas cassette type has more chances for it, 10-20% maybe even higher than that if poorly installed.

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