When Should You Replace Your Aircon Unit At Home: 8 Warning Signs

You need to know that the lifespan of an aircon unit differs from one model to another and also depends on how well you maintain it. Typically, a good aircon unit should last for 5-7 years before it needs replacement, but some models can go up to 11-13 years.

However, some models need to be changed earlier than that. If you notice that your aircon unit is not cooling the room properly and it becomes quite expensive for you to cool your house, then this means it’s time to change your aircon unit. If this happens, don’t wait until summer starts because taking care of a new aircon unit at such a high temperature can be difficult and even more frustrating.

So when is the right time for you to have you aircon unit replaced at home?

It’s important that you know when to change your aircon unit. If it begins making unusual sounds, then this means that the components inside the aircon unit are beginning to wear out and need replacement. You should check some of these warning signs:

1) Your aircon unit is running for a long time before cooling the house.

 If this happens, it could mean that your evaporator coil has a leak and needs replacement.

2) Your aircon unit is producing water from the bottom. 

If you notice that there’s lots of condensation around your aircon unit just below the aircon unit or even in the front yard, then this means that your drain line is blocked and needs cleaning. The best way to troubleshoot this aircon issue is by switching off both electricity and gas and then checking which part is the cause of the leak. After that, you can proceed with repairing or replacing that particular component. 

3) You hear strange sounds when you switch on the aircon unit. 

Now, this is uncomfortable. It may be caused by an electrical failure in one of the components inside your aircon unit, a problem with a capacitor, a broken wire, or a belt needing to be replaced.

4) The cooling capacity of your aircon unit has decreased significantly. 

This happens because over time dust accumulates in the coils and blocks air circulation resulting in insufficient cooling power for your room. This means that your evaporator coil also needs to be checked and cleaned.

5) Your aircon unit smells bad.

Especially if you have allergies or some medical issue with dust. It is recommended that you change your aircon unit every 5 years because usually, its parts start wearing out around this period. Even though an aircon unit is built to last between 5-7 years, there are many cases where people cannot use them for more than 3 years because they have been exposed too much to dust and dirt, even pets can contribute to this.

Also, you don’t wanna hear anyone in the family, especially kids complaining about a stinky smell! Therefore, be mindful of your aircon unit at home.

6) Your aircon unit keeps freezing. 

This usually happens when there’s something wrong with the thermostat of your aircon unit. The aircon unit will then start making weird noises that sound like explosions or popping sounds which actually mean that something is seriously wrong with your aircon unit. The best thing to do in this scenario is to change it right away because this might be dangerous for your health.

7) If the exterior of your aircon unit shows signs of rust or corrosion.

 It means that your aircon unit is old and chances are that it’s corroding from the inside as well. This also shortens its lifespan because if there’s a lot of damage to the coil fins, then there will be less surface area for hot and cold air to pass through. 

8) Like frosting on evaporator coils, this is a sign that the refrigerant gas has leaked out. 

You need to change it right away because otherwise, you will have to worry about high electricity bills and potential health risks as well.

When changing your aircon unit for a new model, you need to be careful because it may cause a certain aircon issue inside your house if you just simply install the aircon unit without thinking about the direction of the airflow and proper arrangement.

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