Why Is My Aircon Unit Leaking?

Aircon leaking is one of the worst problems to encounter. Not only do you need to clean up a mess but you have to figure out what is causing the problem before it gets worse. Since many homeowners are not familiar with how an air conditioner works and how to fix an air conditioner, it can bring about extra aggravation. Some of the common reasons for aircon leaking in your home include:

The Air Conditioner Wasn’t Installed Right

One of the main reasons why your air conditioner is leaking is that it is not installed properly. You have to make sure that any window aircon is installed the right way all the time. For example, you should double-check that the unit is lower by just a bit in the back compared to in the front. The reason for this is to allow any water that is produced from the unit to drain to the back of it. When aircon leaking is found, this is one of the first things you should look for.

The Air Conditioner Starts Icing Up

In some cases, the reason you see aircon leaking is that the machine itself is getting too cold and icing up. If there is something wrong with the cooling system in your unit, then all of the moisture will start to turn into ice from some of the air around it. If you look at the air conditioner and notice there is ice around it, you need to unplug the machine right away. Check behind the front grille too.

If there is ice right on the front grille or on the cooling coil, then you need to replace the coil so it can get an accurate temperature reading. You can then run it again and see whether the icing occurs or not or if this fixed the problem.

The Drainage Hole is Blocked

When water is not able to drain out of the machine properly then it is going to go somewhere. Aircon drainage pipe choke will usually show up in the form of aircon leaking as well. These leaks can happen when the drain hole on your air conditioner becomes blocked up by something.

As you look at your air conditioner, you should notice that it has a drain hole inside. This is meant to help release the water and keeps it from leaking out. However, when this hole gets blocked, this will force water to collect in the machine instead of going out as it should.

aircon leaking

A good way to test whether this is a problem or not is to turn on the air conditioner for half an hour. After the machine has gone for a bit, check it in the back to see whether the water seems to be draining the way it should. If there is still a good amount of water at the base after half an hour, then this means the drain hole is blocked.

You can check it out and use a small tool to see if you can open up this hole on your own. If it is a small blockage you can handle this on your own. If it is clogged up, you may want to consider hiring a professional to get the work done and save you some hassle without ruining the air conditioner.

The Temperature Outside is Too Cold

Sometimes the problem is the air conditioner is running when it is too cold outside. If the outside temperature is not warm and feels cool when it is compared to your indoor temperature, the cooling coil may start to ice up in the machine.

This is likely to happen anytime that the temperatures outside get into the 20+ degrees and below at night. When this happens, do not be surprised to find some water on the front of the machine when you get up in the morning. Luckily, the solution to this one is pretty simple. You can just make sure the air conditioner is turned off at night when the temperatures start to dip.

The Air Filter is Dirty

You need to have a clean aircon filter for the air conditioner to work well. If you leave the filter for too long, the airflow across your coils will cease and the coils’ temperature will start to drop to the freezing point. Ice will form along with these coils, which will result in some extra water to leak through and aircon leaking. Air conditioner servicing every month is the best way to help solve this problem.

If you notice aircon leaking in your home, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Leave the work to the professionals and never worry about the mess again. Contact 338 Aircon Servicing and Repair at 338aircon.sg/promo or WhatsApp to 9222 4141 to book an appointment.